Today while commuting to work I was listening to urban radio (that’s code for Black if you weren’t aware), and the topic of discussion were the 40 police involved shootings in 2011 here in Chicago. It’s only August, but we’ve had more police shootings at this point than all of last year.  This didn’t surprise me since shootings in Chicago are up, but what surprised me were the comments of the respondents.

They generally prefaced their remarks by saying “I’m not a fan of the police, but”. And then they would say how they believed that the shootings were justified because of the gang/ drug involved shootings, flash mobs, and general out of control behavior by some segments of the Black community. This was astonishing. After years of side stepping the issues of personal responsibility, and accountability, this largely 20 something inner city Black appears to have reached a saturation point.

It would seem that they are sick and tired of the foolishness. This is very heartening to me. It’s given me a glimmer of hope for the future. Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson are definitely dinosaurs of a bygone era (and good riddance), but it always seemed like there were always others looking to step into the lime light of race based politics. Could this be a turning point for Black America? Or is this a tangible shift in the attitudes of Chicagoans? Something is happening. Last year Chicago lost over 200,00 Black residents to other states, primarily the south. Red State love? Could be. That’s where the jobs are going. The reasons why are for another time.